At Chilled Mouse, we like most developers … but then we were developers for most of our careers!

Chilled Mouse is a publisher dedicated to bringing great games to players everywhere. To achieve this we work with great developers to help promote them and their games; to let them focus on the creative process, not claiming any of their deserved glory and fairly sharing the financial rewards with them.

Some nice things people have said about us include:

Richard Brooks at Rodeo said: “When we worked with Chilled Mouse on our Steam and Android version of Warhammer Quest they were enthusiastic and co-operative from the get-go. We had fair and open dialogue when setting up the agreement and the whole process was smooth and professional. We would be delighted to work with Chilled Mouse in the future.”

Adrian Hawkins at Twistplay said: “We get on really well with Chilled Mouse. They’ve helped us with the game’s development whilst leaving us to drive the creative ambition we wanted to achieve.”

Right now, Chilled Mouse aren’t looking for new projects. We’ll update this when we are.